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Archived Virus Information


NakedWife worm deletes basic Windows files and spreads rapidly via e-mail. Known as NakedWife (alias JibJab), the bug deletes important files from your Windows and System folders. Antivirus software vendors have reported sightings of the bug within the United States, but it is still too early to assess the virus' reach.

How it works:

NakedWife arrives via e-mail with the following information:
Subject: FW: Naked Wife
Body: My wife never look like that :)
Best Regards,

If the attachment is opened, the worm will e-mail itself to all the addresses in a user's Outlook Address Book. The virus will also load a Flash window that will display the following message:

NakedWife then promptly deletes files with the following extensions:

  • DLL
  • INI
  • EXE
  • BMP
  • COM

It also erases every file in the WINDOWS and WINDOWS/System directories The following message will be displayed:
You're now F#*#ED! © 2001 by BGK (Bill Gates Killer)

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One legitimate concern is the Happy99.exe worm, which can infect Windows 95/98 systems. For more information, see this announcement at the Data Fellows web site. (F-Secure is the program we recommend to users concerned about viruses and similar threats.) Symantec also has information for Norton Anti-Virus users. For real virus alerts, try Network Associates' listing.

Note that Happy99 can't damage your system if you don't run the program and a Word macro virus can't infect your documents if you don't open an infected document or enable macros. This is true of most trojan horse attacks. Therefore, it is a good policy not to run programs you receive via email unless you know and trust the sender.


I just got mail about this terrible virus that will erase my hard drive and cause my dog to turn to a life of crime when I get it in my email! Should I forward it to everyone I know?

No. It's probably a hoax. Yes, this includes "It Takes Guts to Say Jesus".

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