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Connect to AOL via TCP/IP from WinGate Client on Your LAN

  1. Look for a text file from the AOL installation under aol30/ccl/ called TCP.CCL. It controls the TCP/IP login process for AOL.
  2. Change the default name from AmericaOnline.aol.com to the hostname of your WinGate server (You can find this under TCP/IP Properties). The login process now points to your WinGate server when you log in to AOL.
  3. Next, add a TCP Mapping Service in Gatekeeper on your WinGate server with the AOL listening port, which is 5190, and add a mapped link that points 5190 to AmericaOnline.aol.com. Now you can log in to AOL via TCP/IP from both your server and your client machine.

For more info on using WinGate, including these details, visit http://www.qbik.com/.

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