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Bizgrok Internet Access Help

Windows XP Dialup Setup

  1. Accessing Dial-up Connections
    • Click New Connection Wizard on the menu
    • If you never setup a dial-up connection in Windows XP before, you should see a window called "Location Information"
    • If you don't see this window, go on to the next step
    • Fill in Country/Region, and Area Code
    • Click OK
    • The Phone and Modem Options window should pop-up. Click OK
    • New Connection Wizard should now appear
  2. Using the New Connection Wizard
  3. Click NEXT
  4. Choose, Connect to the Internet
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Choose, Set up My Connection Manually
  7. Click NEXT
  8. Choose, Connect Using a Dial-Up Modem
  9. Type in My Bizgrok Dial-Up for the Connection Name
  10. Click NEXT
  11. Enter the local dial-up number for your calling area
  12. Click NEXT
  13. Select the appropriate use for this connection
  14. Click NEXT
  15. Click once in the Username field to place your cursor there.
  16. Type in your username, ________ @bizgrok.net-c.net. (All lowercase)
  17. Put your cursor in the Password field, type in your password.
  18. Click CONFIRM
  19. Click the Password field again, and type in your password again.
  20. If the computer you are setting up is used by anyone other than yourself who should not have access to your account, uncheck from the box labeled "Use this account. . ."
  21. Click NEXT
  22. Click FINISH

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