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Bizgrok Internet Access Help

Windows NT Dialup Setup

  1. FIRST: Check your TCP/IP Installation
    • Open the Control Panel
    • Click Network
    • Click the Protocol tab
    • if you cannot find TCP/IP, click ADD
    • Select TCP/IP Protocol, click OK.
    • Follow directions to get files to install TCP/IP
    • Then, configure Dial-Up Networking by,
  2. Opening My Computer
  3. Double-click Dial-Up Networking to open it
    • If Dial-Up Networking window does not open, go to
      2. On the NETWORK window
      3. Click the Services Tab
      4. Click the ADD button
      5. Select Remote Access Service & Install it.
  4. Click NEW
  5. New Phonebook Entry Wizard should pop up
  6. Select, "I know all about phonebook entries and would rather edit the properties directly"
  7. Click FINISH
  8. Enter My Bizgrok Dialup in the Entry Name field
  9. Enter the local dial-up number for your calling area
  10. Next: Is Your Modem Configured?
    • If the name of your modem is showing in the DIAL USING field, go to the next step
    • If not, Click CONFIGURE, and configure your modem
  11. Click the Server tab
  12. Check to make sure that ONLY the TCP/IP and Enable Software Compression boxes are checked
  13. Set Dial-up Server Type to PPP
  14. Click TCP/IP Settings
    • Make sure that Server assigned IP address is checked
    • Make sure that Server assigned name server addresses is checked
    • Make sure that Use default gateway on remote network is checked
    • Click OK
    • Click the SCRIPT tab
    • Select NONE
    • Click the SECURITY tab
    • Check, "Accept any authentification including clear text"
    • Leave DOMAIN blank
    • Click OK

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